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  • You receive income related benefits such as Tax Credits, Income Support, Pension Credits, ESA or JSA
  • Currently have a boiler over eight years old or is broken/faulty

If so you could be eligible to have it replaced with a brand new A-Rated boiler under the Energy Company Obligations scheme (ECO). There are no payments to make - your boiler is completely free!*

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Is it time to change your boiler?

Evaluate the overall condition of your boiler regularly even if it is working well. The metallic parts of the boiler and the door should be in a good condition. Carefully examine the boiler’s brickwork, burner and controls for signs of damage or deterioration. This will help you determine if any repairs are needed.

The cost of running your old, large boiler could total more than if you were to replace it with an energy efficient model which is guaranteed to save you money in the long term.

Save now by replacing your boiler

Most people tend to replace a specific part of their boiler if it starts leaking. However if one part of your boiler is damaged enough to leak, another component could be just as worse.

Act now before it's too late

As newer, efficient models become available it’s likely that it will become harder and harder to source parts for your older boiler. Take advantage and replace your boiler while you can before it becomes too difficult.

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