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2015 Government Boiler Scheme

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Government Boiler Scheme.
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Find out if you can claim a FREE or Subsidised boiler now!.

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how it works

1. Fill out the form.

It's easy. Find out today if you qualify. Just start by completing the short form at the bottom of the page.

2. Do you qualify?

We'll check your claim and if you meet the Government's criteria we organise an assessment of your boiler.

3. We check your boiler.

We check if your boiler qualifies for replacement and if it does we then arrange for the work to be done.

4. The work is done!

The work is carried out. You then enjoy a warmer, more energy efficient home. You may be asked for a small contribution.

can you claim?

We've helped 1000's of people successfully claim a new boiler.

Happy Movers

Claiming any of these?

  • State Pension Credit?
  • Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit - with a household income of less than £16010?
  • Income Support, Income Related Employment Allowance, Income Based Job Seekers Allowance or State Pension Credit?
  • Own you own home or rent from a private landlord?
  • Your boiler is older than 8 years?
Mover Man

Why replace your old boiler?

Over time boilers can become less efficient. A newly designed boiler will be much improved and will generally be less costly to run than one which is several years old. Most modern boilers are classed as ‘A’ Rated and are one of the best items to consider replacing in order to reduce running costs and to bring down carbon emissions. This is why the Government is offering fully funded and part funded boilers for people on certain benefits.

  • Improve Energy Efficiency.
  • Reduce Your Gas Bill.
  • 2015 Government Backed Scheme.

happy people

A simple way to claim - why not try it for yourself?

  • Brilliant service. Just completed an online form and without delay my claim was sorted. New boiler installed soon after. Can't imagine how much I saved.
    Mrs Martin - Stafford
  • The service was real easy. Our boiler was fitted within a few weeks of making the claim online with BoilerClaim.
    Mr & Mrs Kaur - Ludlow
  • Just as my boiler was on its last legs I was told about the Government scheme. After making my claim the new boiler was quickly fitted. I'd suggest the scheme saved me about £1700.
    Mr Peterson - London
  • The online application takes just seconds to complete. My claim was quickly followed up and approved for the scheme. Very happy!
    Mrs Barns - Nottingham
  • Our boiler was installed a few days ago. What a great scheme and an easy method of finding out online. Can't thank you enough.
    Mr Cook - Liverpool
  • I would like to thank the people who helped me claim. My friend told me about the scheme which I applied for through the BoilerClaim online application. Many thanks!
    Mr & Mrs Harvey - Birmingham

still unsure?

Still unsure if you qualify for the Government Boiler Scheme 2015? Then why not just fill out the form below and one of our experts will check for you?

It costs you nothing to find out and could fully fund, or part fund, the cost of a brand new boiler - fully fitted.

find out now

Just provide us with a few basic details and we'll check your claim.

Full Name:*
Home Phone Number:*
Mobile Phone Number:*
Email Address:
House / Flat Number:
Road / Street Name:
Town / City:


Please indicate all benefits you or your family currently claim below:

1. State Pension Credit.
2. Child Tax Credit.
3. Working Tax Credit.
4. Income Support.
5. Income Based Job Seekers Allowance.
6. Income Related Employment Support Allowance.


Please check this box to confirm that your boiler is eight years or older.
Confirm you understand a contribution may be required under the new 2015 rules.
For option 2 or 3 above please confirm that your household income is less than £16,010 per annum.